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"Up to Your Armpits in Alligators offers a broad perspective on risk that is both easy to undestand and eye opening. I was especially impressed with the Richter Scale for Risks as a means to communicate the relative probabilities of the many risks we face in our lives. It should be of particular interest now in view of all the current interest in risk comparisons in Congress and in industry. It should also be of great interest to ordinary citizens who want to sort through all the alarming news and obtain a sense of what all these risks really mean."
David Clarke
Editor, Inside EPA's Risk Policy Report

The Paling Perspective Scale© was devised as a simple communica-tions tool to help the public put all the reports of risk to their lives into perspective. Since it was first introduced, this scale has proved to be remarkably versatile and easy to understand. Businesses, agencies, health professionals and the media all use it to compare and under-stand the real levels of different risks; and non-technical people can use it to make better decisions based on facts rather than on emotions.

Dealing with the Real Risks to Local Communities
Dealing with the Real Risks to Local Communities
For organizations that want to reach out to their communities and move a concerned public from a purely emotional response to a wish to look at the facts, we offer our smaller community booklet in bulk.
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